About E.L.O Ngodo Enterprises Limited

E.L.O NGODO ENTERPRISES Ltd is a limited liability Exporter of Agro-Allied Products and a consultant on Business Franchise Investments in Nigeria, with registration Incorporation number RC 732328.

The company commenced business in 2008 and has evolved from being an Export company to become a major player in the export of commodities and also bringing in franchising business into the country.

The company wants to revolutionize the agro-allied products and the franchising investment scheme in Nigeria in the areas of agriculture to enhance self-employment and rural development in the Agricultural sector.

The company has done a great job and enhanced networking transactions in export of Agricultural produce ventures.

In Nigeria today we have come across section of Nigerians who have been able to break that jinx of unemployment and poverty by diversifying into various agro-allied projects, you may have been hearing a lot of this countries great wealth and abundance mineral resources, well that’s true and you have not even heard of the best to come, journey with me into a vast wealth information on the products of mother nature given to this GREAT NATION NIGERIA.

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