We are small but very effect staff, usually we tend to deal with our clients in the best possible manner, At  E.L.O NGODO ENTERPRISES LTD, we not only ensure that a qualitative and hygienic produce that meet international standards are exported, we ensure that our client (s) give us their specification (s) which we religiously seek to meet. This would not only ensure a mutual business relationship but, to meet the company slogan ‘‘YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR OBSESSION’’.

Our mission is to be a leading source of professional Export services, combining rare professional skills with quality products to offer good products to our clients and partners and also making sure our local content which are the farmers also benefit for long term supply to us.

Along this line, our most vital resources remain our suppliers, who are the mainstay of the provision of quality products and services to  E.L.O NGODO ENTERPRISES LIMITED is undoubtedly the benchmark in support and services provision in the Export industry. This has been made possible by the hard work of our supply chain network and partners from different areas of business interest, and also the attitude of quality service delivery our staff in turn have.


We are an Export company, we export of all Agricultural products raw materials and finished goods, we also have other areas in the company where we de-franchise other business that come to our door steps, like sale of scrap metal and also we provide professional IT services and sale of IT equipment's through our partners.




We run a highly dynamic, lean and efficient organization, with a good balance of adequate empowerment and internal control. This has enabled us to remain a leading name in the industry, attracting and retaining committed and loyal partners and our clients.


While we do not subscribe to the idea of proliferation of branches, E.L.O NGODO ENTERPRISES LIMITED, has a strategic branch network covering all the 36 states of the federation and in other countries in Africa as well, and with our partners in different locations in the world, our branching scheme is strategically laid out and planned ahead of time, to enable us focus on quality service delivery wherever we are. This has helped us maintain a strong goodwill among our numerous clients.


The Agricultural industry is a dynamic and rapidly changing one. Only a dynamic organization like ours stands a chance of excelling in the long run.

By so doing to make sure we get our customers satisfied with our services, we developed our network strategy by getting suppliers from the whole 36 states with them getting information about products available and quantity to be delivered and also strategically making arrangements for ware housing, cleaning, sorting, and bagging of all agro related products and getting it shipped to the sea port and all necessary documentation done.

Then in areas of delivery of finished agriculture products we have major supply chains and trusted partners who oversee the supply structure in their various countries and make the buyers feel comfortable and safe doing business with us.

Areas of production we can be of help to for foreign investment.

1.            Yam flour & fufu powder production

2.            Plantain flour production

3.            Banana production (chips and flour)

4.            Sun flower oil production

5.            Castor oil production

6.            Vegetable oil production

7.            Melon seed oil production (egusi)

8.            Gum Arabic production

9.            Cassava production

10.          Poultry feed production

11.          Sesame seed production

12.          Cocoa bean seed production

13.          Dry split ginger production

14.          Raw Cashew nut production

15.          Kola nut & bitter kola production

16.          Peanut production (groundnut)

17.          Soya beans production

18.          Hibiscus flower production (zobo)

19.          Crude palm oil production

20.          Hard wood charcoal production